The tragedy of a mother and her three children- “Living in livestock yards”

Here are some details photos | The tragedy of a mother and her three children: “they live in livestock yards”

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“What did you throw on the bitter? I said what was ordered by him?”

Hosnia, who lives in a village in the Armant Center, southwest of Luxor, says that her story begins with her marriage to a man she does not know much about, because he is from Sohag Governorate, indicating that she suffered a lot with him. .

And she continued: “I felt alienated in Sohag governorate, so my husband was leaving me without food, and I was crying a lot from hunger, and yet I endured for several years, and suggested to my husband that we go to Cairo together to work as a janitor in a building, and I am with him to help and support him, and indeed before that However, unfortunately, he remains asleep all the time, which made me wash cars, buy residents’ requirements and wipe the stairs, until I broke my foot and lost work. “

She added: “On our return to Sohag, his family did not accept him, because there was no place to stay, but they accepted me to carry my last child, so I settled in a room with my mother-in-law, outside of which there were donkeys.”

She stated: “I lost my life, so I decided to return to my family, and I left the two old sons to him for a year, until my husband’s mother died, so I went there to offer condolences, and there are those who intervened between us for reform, so that I could raise my children and not deprive them of their father The situation continues for a long time, and I went back to my father, but this time with my three children, I decided not to go again to my husband, so my father had nothing but to offer me what he could do and leave the yard for me to live in with my children and I.Watch also

She explained: “My house, in which I live in one room, has a roof of palm leaves, and the remaining space is exposed, so I use the set of empty sacks and sew them as a curtain that protects me from the heat of the sun in the summer, and from the cold in the winter, and the bathroom door is also made of sacks of flour, because I cannot Installing a wooden door.

She said: “I struggled to raise my children, and I taught in several farms in order to earn a living, but recently diabetes afflicted me, which made me unable to go out for this hard work. I was satisfied with 450 pounds as a solidarity pension, to feed her three children, in addition to paying the costs of their studies.” Noting that her eldest son, Al-Shazly, is in the first grade of middle school, Abdullah is in the fifth grade of primary school, and the last Muhammad is in the third grade of primary school.

Hosnia hopes to build her home so that her children can live in it and feel comfortable in the psyche, so that they strive hard in their studies, and she also wishes to perform the Hajj.

For his part, Badawi Muhammad, an official at one of the NGOs, said that a social research will be conducted for the woman and her assistance.

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