The people of the village of Al Badrashin call for intensifying the search for a worker who drowned for 3 days in the Nile

The people of the Aziziyah village, which is affiliated to the Badrasheen city and center in the Giza governorate, appealed to the officials to intensify the search for “Tamer Hassan,” the 29-year-old son of the village, after he drowned in the Nile River 3 days ago while working at the headquarters of a shipbuilding company in Helwan.

Muhammad Yasser, one of the relatives of the drowned, said that “Hassan” drowned last Wednesday while working as welding one of the company’s ships, and his body was not found yet, calling for doubling the number of divers assigned to search for him.

The people of the village set aside the road in front of the company’s headquarters, waiting for the body to be recovered, demanding that the search for it be intensified.

For his part, Hamid Mahmoud, head of Al-Badrasheen city in Giza, said that the river rescue forces have been present since this morning to continue searching for the body of the drowned.

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