The governor of Kafr El Sheikh follows up on the construction of the “Black Sands” factory

Here are some details, the governor of Kafr El Sheikh is following the establishment of the “Black Sands” factory.

Major General El-Sayed Nasr, Governor of Kafr El-Sheikh, continued, on Saturday, the construction of a black sand separation plant in the northeast of Burullus on an area of ​​50 acres, in addition to setting up the new development plan in northeastern Burullus, to establish a complex of poultry farms with a production capacity of 6 million birds as a first stage, and an international agricultural stock exchange. And an international poultry exchange, and an integrated complex for wholesale markets, in addition to a number of projects under study.

In a statement, the governor said that the land of the black sand factory, which is 1.85 meters below the level of the international road, is currently being filled and leveled, and it needs 300,000 cubic meters of sand to completely level the site, noting that what has been accomplished so far is 60,000 fill. Cubic meters, and the filling and settlement work will be completed within two months.

He explained that the Black Sands Project is one of the gigantic national development projects in the country, which will primarily benefit the people of Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate, in particular, towards creating real development on the governorate’s land and employing young people with remunerative salaries.

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