The governor of Ismailia directs to reactivate the direct housing collection system for garbage

Major General Yassin Taher, Governor of Ismailia, stressed the need to intensify and concerted all efforts from all executive agencies in the governorate, in order to reactivate the programs and plan of the governorate, to implement the direct housing collection system for garbage and waste from homes first, and to follow up the supply of quantities that are collected and collected at the garbage recycling plant And waste in the Abu Balah area at the beginning of the Ismailia-Suez road.

The Governor of Ismailia indicated in a statement today, that it was decided to create a state of alert in all neighborhoods and the city council, and to mobilize all available capabilities, equipment and machinery, in addition to pushing a large number of workers to make a leap and qualitative shift during that period in the level of general cleanliness in the city, and a changing situation It is felt by every citizen on the territory of the province.

The governor stressed the intensification of field follow-up work for the residential collection of garbage and waste, and monitoring all works daily, taking into account the emphasis on companies to adhere to the items contained in the contracts concluded with the governorate, and the obligation to cover the housing collection in the areas designated for each company, and the commitment to adhere to the number of workers and cars that operate in the collection, And the quantities specified to be supplied to the garbage and waste recycling plant.

And he directed to adhere to the evaluation criteria for performance in the system’s work within the three neighborhoods and the future city, so that citizens feel the real change in the level of performance of public hygiene services, and to preserve the aesthetic face and the civilized appearance of the governorate.

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