Sheikh Gamal paid with his life to confront the spread of drugs.

Sister of the dead man: My brothers, his blood was clear on the street, and from it to God, who was the cause

For his objection to his neighbor’s trade in narcotic substances on the street in which they reside, Sheikh Jamal lost his life after a severe stab wound that immediately ended his life in the Makki Leggary district in Giza Governorate. A state of grief prevails among the residents of the area because of the good reputation the victim enjoys among his neighbors and acquaintances.

Although the report issued at the Giza Police Department bearing No. 4722 of 2017 stated that the motive behind the accused’s commission of the crime was a disagreement over the suspension of Ramadan decorations on the street, the family of the victim and his neighbors confirmed that the accused committed the crime, because the victim confronted the accused for promoting drugs on the street In front of his dwelling.

“Muhammad”, the son of the victim, narrated to “The Seventh Day” the events of his father’s killing. He is known in the area as “Sheikh Jamal”, as he is religious, has good character and has a good reputation among his neighbors and acquaintances.

Four days before the crime, my father warned the accused “Islam”, who lives on the ground floor of the property in front of our house, about drug trafficking and selling it to his clients on the street, and a verbal altercation erupted between them. “If I didn’t, I would kill you,” as the famous accused of “Islam Waza” used to stand on the street and sell heroin to his clients who frequented him to buy and abuse.

The son of the victim added: “The day he witnessed the crime, and while my father went to perform the sunset prayer, he was surprised by the accused to stop in the street to sell narcotic substances, so he threw a quantity of water on the street, and asked him not to stop there, and as soon as he left the house on his way to the mosque, the accused attacked him.” He stabbed him with a dagger, so my father fell soaked in his blood, and when I tried to defend him, relatives of the accused assaulted Alya, resulting in several wounds and bruises, and my father was transferred to Umm Al-Masryeen Hospital, but he passed away, and the detectives were able to arrest the accused.

Imad Hamdy, the son of the sister of the victim, spoke about the accused. He said: “The culprit is Islam Wazza,” famous in the region for the heroin trade. Several days before the incident, when the accused quarreled with his uncle, and during the break-up of the fight, the accused threatened him saying, “I will kill you if you do not miss it. Informing the security services about the suspect’s activity and his heroin trade, but the detectives were unable to arrest him in flagrante delicto. He added: “My uncle Sheikh Jamal, despite his deteriorating health condition, was working in the arduous profession of discussion to spend on the members of his family consisting of 5 children and wife. He also raises birds on the roof of the house and sells them to his neighbors, in an attempt to save expenses, stressing that his financial condition is poor, as his uncle and two male sons reside in a small room on the roof of the house, while his wife and three girls live in a room on the ground floor.

The son of the victim’s sister denied that he was the motive behind the accused’s commission of the crime, a disagreement over hanging Ramadan’s decorations on the street, stressing that his uncle’s objection to the killer’s trade in narcotic substances was behind his commission of the accident.

For her part, Al Hajja “Sayyidah”, the sister of the victim, said: “From him to God who was the reason, my brothers, his blood, was filtered on the street just because he objected to the drug trade.

She added: “My soul, the accused, is being sentenced to death, so that my brother has the right to return and rest a little. Any other sentence to imprison him will not compensate me for my brother who lost his life without sin.”

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