Discussing the Dhofar Municipality’s preparations for the tourist season and the activities of the Salalah Tourism Festival

Salalah – from Awad Dahish:
His Excellency Sayyid Muhammad bin Sultan Al Busaidi, Minister of State and Governor of Dhofar, General Supervisor of the Festival, held a meeting yesterday with the officials concerned with the Salalah Tourism Festival in the Dhofar Municipality in the presence of His Excellency Abdullah bin Aqeel Al Ibrahim, Advisor to the Minister and Acting Deputy Governor of Dhofar, and His Excellency Sheikh Salem bin Aufit Al-Shanfari, mayor of Dhofar, head of the festival’s organizing committee, in the meeting room of the festival’s department, and this comes within the framework of preparations for the Salalah Tourism Festival 2017 and the autumn season, which begins astronomically on the 21st of June.
During the meeting, the preparations of the Dhofar Municipality for the tourist season and the activities and activities of the Salalah Tourism Festival for this year were reviewed, which includes several cultural, heritage, artistic, entertainment, tourism and economic stations.
The Salalah Tourism Festival enjoys, through its various stations, Arab and international follow-up and participation, which reflects what the festival has achieved through its past years and the extent to which its message aims to spread the meanings of civilization and values.
His Excellency Sheikh Salem bin Aufit Al Shanfari, Mayor of Dhofar, Chairman of the Organizing Committee, confirmed the completion of preparations for the launch of the Salalah Siyaj Festival in its new session from June 30 to August 31, 2017.
His Excellency indicated that a set of new activities and events have been approved as new additions to the Salalah Festival Tourism, including the Dhofar Festival for Folk Arts and Traditional Crafts, as this festival aims to present the cultures of different countries of the world. About 15 countries from different parts of the world will participate in cooperation with the Ministry of Education.
His Excellency clarified that such participations focus on the diversity of the festival’s general program, to promote it and renew its cultural activities, and to communicate a civilization and culture linking our country with brotherly and friendly countries.
His Excellency the Minister of State and Governor of Dhofar praised the efforts made in preparing for the festival and the success achieved in the previous session of the festival. His Excellency congratulated the Dhofar Municipality for its achievement of excellence in the field of municipal work through the awards it won during this year, the last of which was winning first place for The City Beautification category within the awards of the thirteenth session of the Arab Towns Organization Prize 2017, which was held recently in the sisterly State of Qatar.
His Excellency affirmed that these prizes are evidence of work, dedication and great efforts carried out by officials and employees of the municipality, foremost of which is His Excellency the Sheikh, Mayor, calling on everyone to exert more efforts and for these awards to be a catalyst for further work in the public interest and to achieve more achievements for the Sultanate.

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