Arab countries: The Qatar crisis widens the gap between Turkey and the United States

Here are some details of the Arab countries: The Qatar crisis widens the gap between Turkey and the United States on Friday 23 June 2017

The US continued refusal to hand over Ankara Fethullah Gulen, and Turkey’s alignment with Doha in the recent crisis deepened the US-Turkish dispute. And do not forget Ankara’s anger at Washington’s arming the Kurds.

Elaf from Washington : America is no longer an ally of Turkey. This is the clear truth that encapsulates the nature of the tense relationship between the two countries. The differences between Washington and Ankara are not related to the congressional crisis with the Turkish embassy guards, and the arrest warrant issued by the US police against a number of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s companions during his recent visit to Washington. The recent Gulf crisis may highlight the extent of the exacerbation of the disagreement between the American trend, through US President Donald Trump’s rapprochement with Saudi Arabia and the UAE, and his stance on Qatar, and Turkey, which the latter considers the most powerful strategic ally and relies on it a lot regarding the boycott measures imposed on it.

Between economics and politics

Kyle Wiesford, a professor of political science at the American Ghetto Institute, told Elaph: “This is not the first time that the American and Turkish positions have contradicted an international issue related to the Middle East. Signs of differences are many, and they go back even before the attempted coup in Turkey. The most important event in the crisis, as America, through former President Barack Obama, did not provide – according to the convictions of the Turkish administration – the moral support and the necessary alliance from America to Erdogan’s government in light of the attempted coup.

Kyle affirmed that these differences have accumulated with other crises related to America’s arming the Kurdish coalition forces and over strikes in Syria, “while Turkey has relied on good relations that bind Turks to Trump and some of his advisors at the economic and commercial level, so that relations return to their positive path, as there are several partnerships between the Foundation Trump’s business and companies enjoying strong influence inside Turkey on the one hand, and parties that are related by kinship and affinity with Erdogan. It must also be clarified that Turkey has very strong diplomatic and economic relations with Qatar, and it is not ready to concede its support to Qatar, and at the same time the Turkish-Saudi relations are not doing well, and recent incidents came to reveal this, especially with the shadow of rapprochement between Turkey and Iran.

From Pennsylvania to Doha

As for Firas Mayork, editor of the Middle East file in the Chicago Tribune newspaper, he explained to “Elaph” that America’s continued sheltering of the Turkish dissident Fethullah Gulen, who is currently residing in Pennsylvania under American protection, is one of the main reasons for the tense Turkish-American relations, “especially that The Turkish authorities relied on handing over the Trump Gulen administration to it, after Trump took power, but that did not happen, after that came the arrest warrant for Erdogan in America, and the subsequent summoning of the American ambassador in Ankara, and this is what made Turkey abandon the idea of ​​the American ally once Another, it was natural for Turkey to stand by Doha, Ankara’s strategic partner, during the last period.

Mayurk added: “Turkish-Qatari relations are close, and Ankara’s support for Doha is not linked to the Turkish position on America. Rather, it is the product of a long partnership over the past years. It is not expected that Turkey will abandon Qatar in light of the convergence of their strategic and diplomatic interests and the positive relations that unite them. This would also affect Turkey’s relations with the Gulf states, and this is what now casts a shadow over the region, in light of the general state of tension that prevails in it.

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