A member of a gang was arrested for stealing livestock in Kafr al-Batikh, Damietta

The sentinel of a livestock farm in the Kafr al-Batikh district in Damietta thwarted an attempt to steal livestock from the farm, as the guard was surprised by a number of thieves while they infiltrated the farm in an attempt to steal a number of livestock and chased them, and with the help of others, he managed to catch one of them and the rest of the gang members fled to escape.

The Kafr Al-Bateikh Police Department was notified, and the security force moved to the report site, and the accused was taken to the police station to take legal measures against him to arrest the rest of the gang members, and to examine the accused criminally, it was found that he was born in Kafr El-Sheikh and wanted to be caught and brought in 48 different cases.

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