A demand for fish in Nizwa Market

These are the details of the news: Oman’s Economy: Demand for buying fish in Nizwa Market on Saturday 3 June 2017

As a result of an abundance of supply and price stability

Follow-up – Salem bin Abdullah Al Salmi:
The fish market in the state of Nizwa, especially in the evening period, is witnessing stability in prices as a result of the availability of various types of fish, as the evening period is considered one of the peak periods by the consumer, especially in these days of the blessed month of Ramadan, and there is a great demand to buy fish The kingfish, the shakhali, the sponge, the gazelle, the gazelle, the al-shahli, the al-kufr, the al-shari, and the jarjur, where the prices do not exceed 800 to two riyals and 800 baisas between Al-Sahl, Al-Sahwa, Al-Jarjor and Al-Kanad.
The vendors indicated that all these fish are very popular with everyone, citizens or residents, and that the evening period is a good opportunity for everyone to buy the needs of a person who is fasting in this holy month, and fish comes at the forefront of the individual’s requirements, as the evening period is the peak in crowding where you find a boss The family is keen to go to the market and buy the needs of the family, especially the fish present in abundance on the table.
Visitors to the fish market in the evening, which is witnessing a great turnout and remarkable attendance, expressed their satisfaction with the stability of prices and that it is good, unlike what was the case in the past years, explaining that the situation has changed this year, especially in this holy month. Kindly.

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