A campaign against cafes, bakeries, and food and meat stores in Esna

The men of the city council of Esna, south of Luxor, headed by Engineer Ashraf Al-Huyhi, head of the center, in conjunction with the Department of Supply and Occupational Health and Safety, launched an enlarged campaign against cafes, bakeries, workshops, food and meat stores, in order to control everything that is contrary to the law.

The campaign, which was led by Eng. Sabah Mansour, Director of the Environmental Affairs Department, Engineer Hisham Mohamed, Director of Occupational Health and Safety, Jamal Salam, Chief Food Inspector, Dr. Raif Rifaat, Inspector of Veterinary Medicine, and Mohamed El-Hawary, Director of the Inspectorate of Supply Investments, resulted in the editing of minutes for a wedding hall and three cafes of the Facilities Department without a license. And the lack of occupational safety conditions.

And the issuance of 5 records of closure of tabaki informers, a workshop of mechanics, an oxygen welding workshop, and a store of medical oxygen cylinders, in order to manage them without a license and the presence of many environmental and health violations and buildings that do not meet occupational safety requirements. For workers and spoiled food.

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